Aluminum Alloy 2024

92.05 Al | 4.5 Cu | 0.6 Mn | 0.50 Fe | 0.25 Zn | 0.50 Si | .10 Cr | 1.50 Mg | "S" Weight Factor - 3.77

Summary: 2000 series – Copper is the principal alloying element in this group. These alloys require solution heat-treatment to obtain optimum properties; in the heat-treated condition mechanical properties are similar to, and sometimes exceed, those of mild steel. In some instances artificial aging is employed to further increase the mechanical properties. This treatment materially increases yield strength, with attendant loss in elongation; its effect on tensile (ultimate) strength is not as great. The alloys in the 2000 series do not have as good corrosion resistance as most other aluminum alloys and under certain conditions they may be subject to intergranular corrosion. Therefore, these alloys in the form of sheet are usually clad with a high-purity alloy or a magnesium-silicon alloy of the 6000 series, which provides galvanic protection to the core material and thus greatly increases resistance to corrosion. Alloy 2024 is perhaps the best known and most widely used aircraft alloy.

NOTE: The values listed above represent reasonable approximations suitable for general engineering use. They should not be used for specification purposed. See applicable A.S.T.M specification references.

Special arrangement can be made to provide alloys not shown.