Aluminum Alloy 3003

98.2 Al | 0.20 Cu | 1.20 Mn | 0.7 Fe | 0.10 Zn | 0.6 Si | "S" Weight Factor - 3.73

Summary: 3000 series – Manganese is the major alloying element of alloys in this group, which are generally non-heat-treatable. Because only a limited percentage of manganese, up to about 1.5 percent, can be effectively added to aluminum, it is used as a major element in only a few instances. One of these, however, is the popular 3003, which is widely used as a general-purpose alloy for moderate-strength applications requiring good workability.

NOTE: The values listed above represent reasonable approximations suitable for general engineering use. They should not be used for specification purposed. See applicable A.S.T.M specification references.

Special arrangement can be made to provide alloys not shown.